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Jan 22

Government Shutdown


The President said that he would shut the government down and would take responsibility for the shut down. Government employees are going to be missing a second paycheck soon. If the President is so concerned about "the people" he would have never used a government shutdown as a way to get his way. The majority of the American people do not want a wall. And the ones that do thought Mexico would pay for that wall. I don't believe that the President even knew what effect that all this would cause; and if he wanted the people to be safe he is making everyone unsafe.

New Posts
  • I live in a mobile home. The roof is in terrible shape and needs replaced. Rain water has destroyed one of my walls from water leaking through the roof and into the wall. I put in an application to the USDA for a rural home loan to make repairs. Someone just started to look at my application when trump and mcconnel shut down the government. My loan is on hold and can not be processed! I am furious ! It continues to rain.
  • In addition to harming the environment and global diplomacy, this shutdown violates federal workers' right to work when and only when they are fairly compensated. Freedom from coercion into working for no or delayed pay is a workers' rights issue, a racial equality issue (federal workers are disproportionately black), and a human rights imperative. Moreover, it is shameful that the government cannot model for businesses and foreign countries the most basic responsibilities of a decent employer.
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