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Guns kill people and placing hundreds of guns in schools and releasing blueprints for 3D printed guns is a recipe for disaster. We all think that it is so unlikely that we'll be shot and killed but the reality is that 1 / 315 people are killed by a gun. Do you see all those people walking on the sidewalks in the city? Or the people in your classes during school? It is likely that one will be killed by a gun. That is one person too many.

Removing the last of the gun control laws by letting individuals print their own guns on demand or putting guns in the hands of mentally unstable teachers is not the way to end gun violence. Death tolls will just rise.


3D printers may be expensive now and the guns may be unreliable, but statistics show that merchandise gets cheaper and more advanced as time passes. Even if printers cost a lot of money or a plastic gun is unreliable, people who are set out to kill do not care about either. They care about killing and they will kill unless we take away their access to firearms indefinitely.

Students like me trust that our government will make the correct decisions when it comes to school but they have been letting us down. Giving guns to our teachers is a dangerous and temporary solution to end violence in schools. If teachers have guns, they will have the ability to shoot a student if they are angry or mentally ill. Additionally, a student could easily acquire a teacher's gun.

Our mission is to end gun violence by implementing new gun control laws to ensure that we have a safe nation.

Together, we will make the United States a safe place to live.